2 Things To Consider When Buying Waterfront Property

One of the most difficult types of real estate to purchase is waterfront property due to the many different potential complications that can come up, such as the local laws for building too close to the water and the condition of the water. Listed below are two things to consider when buying waterfront property. Activities One of the most important things that you can do when considering a piece of waterfront property is looking at the waterfront itself in order to determine if it can support the types of activities that you and your family want to do. Read More 

4 Items that Are Easier When You Hire an Agent During the Homebuying Process

Are you prepared to buy a house and have no idea what to expect during the process? Going through the process without any knowledge can lead to frustration, so it is a good idea to begin searching with a real estate agent. The agent will actually help you all the way to the point of receiving keys to the house of your desire, such as by assisting with closing on it. Read More 

No Time Or Money To Make Repairs? 3 Ways To Sell Your As-Is Home

Putting a home on the market usually means spending weeks cleaning, painting, and repairing it before opening it up for viewing by prospective buyers. Occasionally, however, situations arise when time, financial issues, or other obstacles make it difficult or impossible for sellers to do some or all of the preparations needed to get the home into pristine, show-worthy condition. If you have a home that you really need to sell but lack the time or financial means to fully prepare it for the market, here are some options to help. Read More 

Want To Run An At-Home Dog Boarding Business? 3 Features To Look For In Real Estate

Dog ownership in the United States sits between 37-47% of all households. This percentage is enough on its own to see why dog boarding businesses are important to residents all around the country. Although some people will take their dog to a brick-and-mortar facility, there are plenty of at-home businesses. If you are interested in running this kind of business, but you are waiting until you own a home, you will want to put a great deal of thought into the process of purchasing a home to help you create long-term success. Read More 

Real-Estate Title Services in a Separate Office Versus Your Agent’s Office: Pros and Cons

When you finally buy a home and have your bid accepted by the seller, the next step is to transfer the title of the property. This is the exciting meeting during which the property and the attached debt officially becomes yours and your responsibility. To complete this new set of ownership documents, you need a real-estate title service. There may be a real-estate title service in your real-estate agent's office, or you may choose your own title service to act on your behalf. Read More