Selling Your Home for Cash: What to Expect

More homeowners are interested in selling their property quickly for cash rather than going through a traditional sale. If you're considering selling your house for an all-cash offer, here's an overview of how the process typically works.

Finding a Cash Home Buyer

You'll need to connect with an investor or company that purchases homes with cash. These buyers market themselves through signs, mailers, online ads and referrals. Research a few options locally to find a reputable cash home buyer.

Initial Consultation

When the buyer is interested in your property, they will schedule a convenient time to visit and thoroughly evaluate it. During this walkthrough, they will carefully consider various factors such as the age, size, layout, and any necessary repairs of the home. It's important for you to be prepared to point out any defects or issues that exist. It's always best to be transparent and not attempt to hide any problems, as the buyer will take them into account when making an offer. By providing a comprehensive and honest assessment of your property, you increase the chances of a successful transaction.

Receiving an Offer

Within a day or two after the walkthrough, the cash buyer presents their all-cash purchase offer amount. Don't expect to receive full market value. Most cash investors aim to buy low so they can profit from fixing up and reselling. But evaluate if the convenience is worth it.

Negotiating the Terms

You can try negotiating a higher purchase price if you feel the initial offer is too low. The buyer may present a higher amount if they are highly interested in your property. Discuss all terms at this point such as proposed closing date.

Signing a Purchase Agreement

Once you agree on a price and terms, you'll sign the purchase contract. This legally commits you to sell to the buyer. Read this carefully as you may be responsible for repairs or other conditions. There may be penalties if you back out.

Property Inspection Period

Most contracts allow time for the buyer to fully inspect the home and potentially request repairs. Be cooperative if they ask you to fix minor issues prior to closing to avoid the sale falling through.

Closing Process

The closing process for a cash sale is expedited since there's no financing to be approved. The buyer simply provides the funds while you handle the transaction documents. After signing over the deed, the cash is yours!

Selling your home for cash means less hassle and faster closure. But make sure to weigh the pros and cons and get experienced legal advice before signing anything. For more information on how to sell your home for cash, contact a professional near you.