Understand Wants Vs. Needs When House-Hunting With Your Realtor

Working with a realtor can be very helpful when searching for a home, especially in a busy market where homes sell quickly. Suppose you're eager to buy a house but have some specifics you want to keep in mind during the search. In that case, it's vital to understand the difference between your must-haves and the things you prefer. 

Financing Options

Cash offers are typically the most substantial way to secure a house without getting into a bidding war. However, this option may be the right fit for someone buying their first home or who simply doesn't have that much cash available.

Getting pre-approved by your lender and clarifying what kind of offer you want to make to your realtor can clear up any confusion over making a solid offer.

Move-In Date

If you need to move in on a specific date due to needing to be out of your current home, you'll need to discuss this with your realtor. This information will be necessary for creating an offer as you go house-hunting since a fast closing may not be an option at every house for sale.

Including your desired closing date based on when you want to move can make your offer clear and avoid a situation where you run into misunderstandings while buying a home.


As you meet with your realtor, you need to decide whether a specific neighborhood is essential for you or not. If you have a specific neighborhood as a must-have feature for the home you purchase, your realtor won't waste your time showing any homes outside of this area. If you're more flexible in the neighborhood, there are more options for homes that include all the other features you desire. 

Remodeling Work

Another consideration when buying a home is how comfortable you are with remodeling. If you would prefer a turn-key home that won't require any work after moving in, this makes it much easier to find a place that you're comfortable living in. By discussing the expected remodeling work and insisting on an inspection, you can feel informed about buying the right home.

Knowing what you prefer when buying a home and making it clear to your real estate agent can make your search much more manageable. By discussing the options available and your wants and needs, you can avoid homes that aren't an ideal match and reduce a lot of stress involved in buying a house. 

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