Should You Buy A Modular Home?

If you're not completely sure what a modular home is, it's a premade house that is made up of smaller pieces (modules). These sections are built in a factory and later shipped to your property to be placed on a permanent foundation. Here is how modular homes compares with other home options:

Modular home vs. mobile home

Many people confuse modular homes with mobile homes, otherwise known as manufactured homes. The main difference between them is that mobile homes are treated as being movable, whereas modular homes are considered to be permanent structures. If you don't plan on relocating your home in the future, a modular home is by far the superior choice.

One major disadvantage of manufactured homes is that they depreciate in value over time. Modular homes don't have this problem. Their value will grow over time the same way traditional homes do.

One of the difficulties of being an owner of a mobile home is finding shelter during severe storms. Due to a lack of a permanent foundation and not having to follow certain building codes, they are not considered to be a safe shelter during some weather events. Modular homes, however, are just as safe and secure as homes that were constructed on-site.

When you're inside of a mobile home (even a very good one), you get a sense that it's not quite as sturdy as a typical house. Their quality tends to seem slightly cheaper when compared to other structures.

Modular home vs. previously-owned home

When most people buy a new home, they purchase one that was previously owned by somebody else. While you can search the market for a place that suits your needs as closely as possible, you will be stuck choosing from what is already out there. With a modular home, you'll have the option to customize it as you see fit.

When you buy a previously-owned home, it's similar to buying a preowned vehicle. There will be a risk that some problems might exist, since it's not completely new. Even if there is nothing in the home that currently needs repairs, everything will be slightly closer to the point of needing to be fixed or replaced.

Modular home vs. building on-site home

Building a new home that is constructed mostly on site is very similar to building a modular home. They will both be strong and secure permanent structures that allow for customizations. However, modular homes tend to be less expensive than faster to build.

Reach out to a real estate agent for more information on custom modular homes for sale.