Renting A Home Out? Here’s What You Should Expect From Your Property Management Service Provider

Are you thinking about renting a home out to others? A property management company can make the process convenient and profitable. Here are a few things you should expect from the property management company you decide to hire:

Property Evaluations

The first thing your property management company should do is evaluate your home and property overall to figure out who your market base is and how much you could bring in as rental income each month. They will also identify anything that needs to be brought up to code or repaired to stay in line with your state and county laws as a landlord.

They will figure out which features of the house and yard will appeal to potential renters the most and which should be downplayed or fixed up. You get to ultimately decide what to fix and not to fix up and how much to charge, but your property management team can provide you with the expert knowledge and advice you need to make a profitable decision.

Preparing and Advertising

Your property management company should also be able to prepare your home for showing to attract prospective renters. They should be able to stage the home to show its potential and make the yard eye-appealing so that people are instantly attracted when they show up to tour the place and consider renting it. Your service provider should also take care of all the advertising to attract renters and get your place occupied quickly.

Tenant Screening

When prospective renters show interest in your rental, you can count on your property management service provider to vet them and ensure that they will be good tenants when all is said and done. Credit checks, background, checks, and other vetting practices can be put into place depending on the type of tenants you are looking for. They will ensure that you do not end up with deadbeat tenants who do not pay rent and tend to ruin property.


While tenants are living there, your property management company should be willing to take care of landscaping just as you expect your renters to take care of the inside of the house. They should manage grass mowers, tree trimmers, and any other service providers that are necessary to keep your home looking nice for the neighbors and later investors alike. Your rental home should look the same every time you visit it in person so that you continue feeling the connection and the value in the place even when you are not living there yourself.

Reach out to a local property management service to learn more.