Tips For Sharing A 2-Bedroom Apartment With A Friend

Apartments can be costly to rent, and larger ones tend to cost more than smaller ones. If you find a 2-bedroom unit to rent that you like, you might not want to live there alone. After all, that might cost too much. In this case, you could look for a friend to have as your roommate. If you decide to have a roommate in a 2-bedroom apartment, here are some tips to help you know how to handle sharing the space and costs.

Charge Different Rates for Each Room

The rent for a 2-bedroom unit is one fee, but you do not have to divide it evenly between you and your roommate. Instead, you can base the rent on space. If one bedroom is significantly bigger than the other or offers features the other does not have, you could charge more for that room.

For example, suppose the monthly rent for the apartment is $800. You could charge $450 for one-bedroom and $350 for the other. The person with the nicer, larger room pays more than the person with the smaller room. When you pick a roommate, you can let them choose which room they want. You can then take the other room.

Split the Utilities in Half

Next, you can split the utilities evenly or base them on a ratio. In most cases, it is easier to split them in half. By doing this, each roommate pays 50% of each bill every month. This method is fair and easy to track.

Create Rules Before Finding an Apartment

One vital thing you should do before renting a 2-bedroom apartment is to create rules before you rent one. Living with a roommate can be a great way to save money on rental costs, but it can be a nightmare if you do not agree on how to handle things. Therefore, you might want to create a list of rules and talk about them before choosing a roommate.

Choose the Right Roommate

Finally, you must choose the right roommate. If you feel sorry for a friend who never works or has a place to stay, you probably should not choose that person to be your roommate. You must select someone who is responsible and trustworthy when sharing a 2-bedroom apartment.

As you begin searching for a roommate and a 2-bedroom apartment to rent, keep these tips in mind. You can find apartments for rent by contacting a property management firm in your city.