The Main Parts Of The Home Closing Process

To buy a house, you must go through a process, and this process often begins with getting preapproved for a loan and then choosing a house to buy. After the offer is accepted, the closing process begins, and here are some of the main parts you should understand about this final process of buying a house.

It typically takes at least 30 days

The closing process does not occur overnight, as there are a lot of steps that must take place prior to you taking possession of the house, and you should expect this process to take at least 30 days. It can take longer than this too, but you might also be able to rush through all the steps and make it happen in less time than 30 days.

Get the inspections and evaluations

A second part of the closing process involves getting all the necessary evaluations and inspections done. One is the appraisal, and you must get this completed so the lender can see the value of the house. Your lender may also tell you to get a termite inspection or septic inspection. If required by your lender, you must get the inspections completed. You can also get inspections completed that you want to have done, even if they are not required, such as a home inspection.

Prepare for the loan

Another part of the closing process is preparing for the loan. While your lender will be busy working on this, you may also have things you must do. One of the things you will have to do is review the closing settlement statement when you receive it. This statement will tell you exactly how much the house will cost and the amount of money you must pay for the down payment. You will have to bring a check to closing, and this check will probably have to be a cashier's check from a bank.

Walk through the home one last time

One additional step you should do during closing is a final walkthrough of the property. This is an event you should complete a few days before the scheduled mortgage closing, and you should carefully examine the entire home to ensure that it is in the condition you expected it to be in.

These are the main steps, but there will be a lot of other steps too. To begin your search for a house, you should choose a real estate agent to hire.