Worthwhile Reasons To Postpone A Scheduled House Showing

A call from your real estate agent to let you know that someone is interested in seeing your home is music to your ears when your home is for sale. In most instances, you'll want to respond quickly and accept the suggested date and time for the viewing. Doing so is seen as being accommodating to your prospective buyer, which is always a good idea. There are some instances, however, in which it's better to postpone the viewing — even if you've already agreed to it and have to call your agent to cancel. Here are some times that this move is the right one.

You Have A Sick Child

Postponing and rescheduling a scheduled house showing is typically a smart idea when you have a sick child at home. It's customary to leave your house during the showing, and asking if you can stay to take care of a child in his or her room is a bad idea. This may make the prospective buyer uncomfortable because he or she won't be able to view the room, and no one really enjoys being in a home with someone who is sick. It's often difficult to take a child out of the home when he or she is sick, too, as the child needs his or her rest.

There Has Just Been A Major Spill Or Mess

Sometimes, a spill or mess in the home can create enough work that you'll want to cancel a showing that is fast approaching. Doing so may seem like a bad idea, but it's arguably a worse idea to have an interested buyer show up and be distracted by the mess that you weren't able to clean up in time. For example, if you were putting a last-minute coat of paint on a room and spilled the paint can, you'll want to fully clean up the mess before anyone enters your home with the intention of considering it for purchase.

You're Well Into A Serious Negotiation

If you've received a purchase offer and are currently negotiating with someone who seems serious about buying your home, it's a good idea to cancel any showings that may have already been booked. It's a waste of someone's time to browse a home that won't likely be available for sale much longer. In this scenario, have your agent explain the reason for the cancellation — and make sure to follow up with the person if your current offer falls through.