Spring Into Home Selling: 5 Things You Need To Do Now To Get Ready

Spring isn't too far off, so if you are wanting to sell you're home in a few months, then you've got a lot to do. It's always better to get started sooner rather than later. Here are five things that you need to start doing now if you want your home to be ready for the spring real estate market:

1. Hire an Inspector.

The earlier you can hire an inspector, the better off you will be. An inspector can take a look at your home and inform you of any problems that there may be. This will allow you to make any repairs before the sale even takes place so that you're not trying to fix something at closing time or have to worry about negotiating a deal in order to sale the house (which could require you taking a lower offer).

2. Update Fixtures Throughout the Home.

This is an inexpensive and simple task that can have a tremendous impact at your open house with prospective buyers. Fixtures may be small, but they can make all the difference. Take your cabinets, for example, just changing out the handles can make them look completely different. So, take time to upgrade the little details that potential buyers could fall in love with – cabinetry hardware, door handles, light switch covers, wall sconces, etc.

3. Perform a Touch-Up Job on the Paint.

Over the years, your walls have probably taken some hits. There are likely scuff marks, nicks, and other markings on them that could be unattractive to buyers. Cover them up with a fresh coat of paint. Consider using a neutral paint color so that you can appeal to all buyers, especially if you have any walls that are painted a bold color, such as red or green.

4. Take Down Your Personal Effects.

Since you have already taken your personal photos off the walls to paint them, go ahead and keep them down and remove any other obvious personal effects. You want to make sure that potential buyers that come view your home are able to see themselves living there, and this can be hard to do if everywhere they look they see photos of you and your family. Plus, if you go ahead and start packing your personal effects, you are getting a head-start on your packing for when you move. It's really a win-win situation!

5. Hire a Real Estate Agent.

In order for everything to go as smoothly as possible once spring rolls around, you want to begin working with a top real estate agent early on. A realtor at the top of his or her game will know local market trends and what home buyers are looking for. Make sure to talk to a couple of real estate agents before deciding on whom to choose as your own realtor. You need someone you feel comfortable with, but you also need someone who knows their stuff like the back of their hand and is confident in their ability to sell your home.