Keeping Your New Home Secure When You Work at Night

If you just purchased a new home, and you are away during the nighttime hours to work the graveyard shift at your place of employment, you are most likely concerned about the well-being of your belongings when you are not around to look after them. There are several steps one can take to enhance the amount of security they have present during the dark hours. Here are a few tips to use to help you in keeping your home safe from theft and vandalism when you are not on the premises to thwart the presence of robbers on your own.

Make Others Believe Someone Is Home

One way to help keep your personal items safe is by making potential thieves believe someone is at home throughout the night. It is a good idea to give your home a wave when you leave for your job. This will make anyone looking in your direction believe someone is still inside the home awaiting your return after your shift is over. If you have more than one vehicle, park one in the driveway when you are not at home so anyone passing by will believe someone is inside of your house.

Contact a Locksmith to Enhance Security

A locksmith will take the time to change out all present locks in your home as soon as you are ready to move inside. It is best to do this before you place personal items inside of the structure to ensure no one with a copy of the key given to you at your closing session will use it with bad intent. A locksmith will do a complete evaluation of the home to determine whether older windows and doors need upgraded equipment to keep the home completely secure. Do not forget to change locks on your shed or garage!

Use Adequate Lighting to Illuminate the Home

A dark home is enticing to those who want to rob, as there will be areas on the property where hiding will most likely go unnoticed. Keeping your home well illuminated will help keep those looking to break in from taking the risk of being seen. Invest in a bright floodlight system and put it on a timer so the property is not in the dark. Using a timing system inside the house will also help keep potential thieves from realizing no one is at home. Make sure to switch the times and lamps that are lit each night so there no pattern detected should someone watch the home over a period of several nights. Leaving a television or radio on will also help in reducing the chance of a robbery.