3 Features To Look For In A New Home That Are Kid-Friendly

Shopping for a new home is a great and exciting experience, but it can often be difficult to find a home that has everything that you need for both you and your children. Listed below are just a few features to look for in a new house that can make the home more comfortable and suitable for children.

Consider Vinyl Flooring

One of the hardest parts about having children in your house is that they can often be very hard on your floors. Children playing on hardwood floors can scuff and scratch the materials. In addition, carpeting is prone to stains if spills are not cleaned up immediately, and it is inevitable that a child will accidentally spill something on your floors.

However, a home with vinyl flooring is a great alternative because the vinyl is very easy to clean, will not stain easily, and is more resistant to scratching than hardwood. In addition, vinyl flooring has come a long way in terms of appearance and quality, and you can now easily find vinyl flooring that can very closely mimic the appearance of more expensive materials. 

Consider Semi-Gloss Paint

Another great feature to look for when shopping for a kid-friendly home are rooms that have been painted with semi-gloss paint. Semi-gloss paint is easily cleaned and will allow you to wipe off just about any mess with a simple wet washcloth, which is important, because it is only a matter of time before your children splash something onto the walls or younger children draw on them. 

While semi-gloss paint would be useful if used throughout the house, still consider purchasing a home if the semi-gloss paint is only used in one room. This will allow you to set aside that room as a playroom or children's bedroom where your kids can feel free to draw on the walls as much as they like, which can prevent them from drawing on the walls in other areas of the home.

Consider A Tiled Bathroom

Finally, consider purchasing a home that has at least one of the bathrooms with floors and walls covered in tile. This is vital, as children can make messes in the bathroom that can be extremely difficult to clean off other surface types when they are using the bathroom. In addition, the tile will be able to handle a lot of water splashing onto it when your children are bathing without warping or getting damaged in some way.

Contact a real estate agent today to begin your search for a kid-friendly home. Consider kid-friendly features such as vinyl flooring, semi-gloss paint, and tiles in the bathroom when purchasing a house for you and your children. Click here to learn more about homes for sale.