Transitioning From A One-Bedroom To A Studio Without Sacrificing Privacy

If you are trying to pay off debt or save money in a city with high rents, one of the quickest ways to do this is through downsizing. While living with roommates is a possibility, if you value your privacy, you may not want to go with this option. If you have a one-bedroom apartment then decreasing to a studio apartment is an option. If you want private space for your bedroom, here are some ways to transition to a studio without feeling you are always in the open.

Find a studio with a long hallway

Though finding apartments for rent with a long hallway may seem unlikely, this is one of the best ways to go about creating some privacy. A hallway means that you and your guests have a walkway before reaching your living room and bedroom. Place coat hooks, shoe holders, and your welcome mat at the front of the hallway to prepare your guests to leave unnecessary items before entering your room. In the winter especially, ditching heavy coats and boots in the hallway will make your place seem less tight when you have visitors. Your hallway can also hold your own large jackets and shoes so that you can save the interior studio space.

Hang curtain rods around your bed area

To prevent your bedroom from being too visible, suspend curtain rods from the ceiling. On the rods, hang a heavy curtain that you must draw back in order to enter the bedroom area. To make sure you create a full "bedroom", keep the curtain around your bed, nightstands, and any other equipment that you designate as bedroom items. A heavy curtains will keep your bedroom from sight when you or guests are in the living areas. The heavy curtain will also muffle sounds (similar to a theater stage curtain), which can act as a privacy barrier if you have overnight guests.

Create a dressing area

With a real bedroom, you have a place to prepare and dress for the day or night without being out in the open. In a studio, you may feel like you are dressing out in the open. To combat this feeling, create a dressing area. Choose two chests of drawers, armoires, or a mix of both in order to block off an area for dressing. Install a mirror on an open wall to complete your dressing area. Make sure that the drawers and doors open to the inside of the dressing space so that you can pick out your clothing and get dressed within the contained space.

Keep these tips in mind as you search for a studio apartment, and try to visualize using them in the new space. Contact a company like Kimball Real Estate for more information.