4 Ways To Stage Your Home On A Budget

Do you need to stage your home without a lot of cash at hand? Most real estate agents will suggest home staging, at least on a minimal level: it can greatly enhance the general attractiveness of your home, even if it's a fixer upper. But many people selling their home aren't able to spend a lot out-of-pocket. They can, however, use these simple tricks for an inexpensive solution.

1. Take Out Furniture

Does your home lack panache? Take out furniture and leave only the best-looking items, rather than trying to add more expensive or fussier furniture. The idea is that less is more. It is better to have two items of like-new furniture in a room than twenty items of varying quality.

2. Grab Cheap Area Rugs and Pillows

Area rugs are beloved by home staging experts because they allow you to section off portions of the room and control the way the room looks. Likewise, pillows let you coordinate a color theme, which ties the room together. Cheap area rugs and pillows can be found at secondhand stores, often for just a few dollars each. Generally, as long as you follow a unifying color scheme they will be effective.

3. Don't Forget Lighting

Lighting is often the most powerful tool of a home staging professional. Simply placing your already existing standing lamps and desk lamps in the right areas will vastly improve the appearance of the room. Make sure that the area is well-lit and that, particularly, the best features of your home are lit up. When in doubt, add more light: the more light, the more open the room will feel. Always use a light that is rated "daylight" or "natural"; other lights will look cold and sterile.

4. Use Shower Curtains for Curtains

It may seem like an awkward trick, but in a pinch it does work. Shower curtains aren't feasible as curtains long-term, obviously, but they can be used to stage for almost no money at all. Few people are going to be examining your curtains while looking at the home, and using shower curtains will give the home a finished look that unadorned windows simply cannot. You can choose a bright, friendly print to further welcome your guests.

You can also consider asking your real estate agent if they already have a deal in place with a home staging technician. Sometimes the home staging professional may be willing to get paid after you sell, if they have an already existing relationship with your agent. For more tips, contact a local real estate company, like Art Del Rey Realty Inc.