Two Little Known Ways To Prevent Gnats In Your Bakery Food Displays

In the business of sweet and aromatic foods, it can sometimes feel as though you are fighting a losing battle when it comes to keeping flies and gnats away from your bakery goods. The fact is, these pesky buggers are scent driven and love sugar. Furthermore, the warm light of a glass display case can look like heaven. They will do whatever they can to make their way into display cases that house all of your tantalizing morsels. No customer wants to sink their teeth into a doughnut that has already been breakfast to a bug. Therefore, you have to prevent these pests in any way that you can. Here are two ways to prevent gnats and flies in your bakery showcases.

Idle Goods are a Gnat's Playground

The longer food sits still, the more likely it will be to attract the wrong type of attention from flying insects. If you fill your doughnut case in the morning, for example, by noon you should be swapping out trays and replacing product with fresh goods. It is a good rule to avoid leaving food sitting inside of a case for more than a few hours at a time without it being freshened up. Even the constant attention and shuffling from a tentative employee can ward off gnats and flies that have made their way inside.

Get Down to the Dirt of the Matter

If there is one thing you should do to ward off gnats in a bakery setting, it is to keep everything absolutely spic and span. This is especially true in your showcases and displays. While this may seem like common knowledge, you really do have to dig deep to find some of the dirt that could be attracting unwanted pests. Small pieces of glaze, sprinkles, and icing can easily fall into cracks and crevices where they are out of sight, but well within reach of small insects like gnats. The displays should be regularly disassembled and cleaned, especially at times of the year when gnats and flies can be at their worst, such as spring and summer.

The bakery goods display is all about putting product in the spotlight to attract hungry customers. However, these displays can easily become overwhelmed with small flying insects if you are not careful, and customers will most likely not find your goods as attractive. If the issue becomes severe, it is a good idea to contact a commercial pest control service, such as Boris Pest Control, for help keeping your displays bug-free.