Dry Cleaning Gives New Life To Your Comfy Suede Boots

Many consumers who regularly use the services of a dry cleaner wouldn't think of taking their footwear in for cleaning. However, more people should, because many dry cleaners specialize in cleaning suede and other leathers. Many people love the cozy feel of suede boots during rainy or cold weather, but this can result in watermarks and other stains that are difficult to remove on your own. Dry cleaning is the perfect option to restore expensive boots and make them look new again.  

Vulnerabilities of Suede

Suede is a material made of the underside of animal skin, such as goat, calf and deer. It is softer and more pliable than the outer hide used in making leather apparel. Suede is also more vulnerable to stains since the material is more porous. The texture of the nap also attracts more dirt than the smooth surface of leather goods.

Cleaning Suede at Home

Typically, you will receive cleaning instructions with your suede boots. Manufacturers often suggest that you stuff the boots with crumpled newspaper and use a special brush specifically made for suede materials. Clean the suede by brushing in the directions of the fibers, rather than sweeping it back and forth. Using warm water on a soft cloth often helps remove a grease stain if you treat it immediately. Remove other types of stains by sprinkling a bit of white vinegar on a soft cloth and rubbing the stained area.

Again, it is critical to clean the stain as soon as possible once you notice it. Often the salesclerk will advise you to protect your suede boots by spraying them with a special waterproofing spray as soon as you get them home. Follow the directions on the spray can. Some products require two or three coats, and they often say to wait a few hours between each coat.

Taking the Boots To A Dry Cleaner

Despite your best efforts to protect your suede boots, stubborn grease, food, dirt and water stains may still occur. If the stain is old or covers a large area, your efforts may be futile. Look for a dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning suede and leather goods, like those at Chris French Cleaners.

Show the salesclerk the location of the stain and tell him or her what caused the stain, if possible. This helps them know how to best remove the stain. Also, point out any scuff marks or abrasions that concern you. Often the dry cleaner has special products that can get rid of the marks and restore your boots so they look almost new again.