Not Ready To Be A Homeowner? Start By Renting A House First

Buying your first home can be overwhelming, especially if you've only ever lived in apartments. Instead of worrying about the long list of responsibilities that you'll have as a new homeowner, you can feel better prepared by renting a house first. Consider some of the following ways that renting a house can provide a glimpse of what homeownership will be like. 

Lawn Care  

Lawn care is one of the greatest differences in your responsibilities between an apartment and a house. A grass lawn will require watering, mowing, and weed control to keep it looking its best. These tasks are often the responsibility of the renter when you rent a home instead of an apartment. 

This can be a big change from being a renter, especially once you consider the seasonal work involved. Raking leaves, fertilizing the lawn, and even snow removal could all be your responsibility when renting a home. This will help you better understand the work involved in homeownership compared to living in an apartment. 


Adjusting from an apartment rental to a house can mean more concerns about keeping the doors and windows locked and secured. In an apartment, especially one where the unit is only accessible by an indoor hallway, you often don't need to worry about security being a concern. By renting a house, you'll get familiar with needing to keep everything locked and even having security lights or cameras installed.

While these features will typically be taken care of by the homeowner instead of the tenant, they can help you understand some of the extra steps involved in securing the home compared to an apartment. 

Utility Bills

Depending on the size of the home, there's a good chance that the expense of utilities will be higher than in an apartment. The landlord may also expect you to pay for the majority of the utilities instead of in a rental where many utilities are included with your rent. 

By renting a home, you'll get familiar with the cost of different utilities and adjust your living conditions to keep your water and electricity usage reasonably priced. 

Making the transition from a renter to a homeowner can be daunting when you're unsure what to expect. Since there are many different aspects you'll need to prepare for in a house compared to in an apartment, it's smart to try renting a house first. By renting a house, you can better understand some of your responsibilities and eventually buy your home with confidence. 

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