What Do Apartment Management Companies Actually Do For Private Landlords?

If you are a landlord who owns several properties, you've probably had several people suggest that you hire a property management company. They may have told you how much this step can simplify your life. If you're like many landlords, you shrugged off the suggestion because you know hiring a property management company means giving up some of the profits you make on your rent. It does. However, you get a lot in return for that payment, and most landlords end up feeling that hiring a property management company was very "worth it." Here are the key things they'll do for you.

Find Tenants

When one of your units is empty, your property management company will find someone to fill it. They screen tenants, complete background checks, and take care of the lease agreements. Since property management companies have a lot of experience doing this, they tend to do a good job of finding reliable tenants who pay rent and take good care of the property.

Showing Units

Are you tired of meeting applicant after applicant to walk them through and show them the apartments? A property management company will do your showings for you. This service alone will save you so much time.

Collecting Rent

Your tenants will begin sending their rent to the property management company. If the rent is late, the management company will attempt to collect it, assess any late fees, and so forth.

Maintaining the Property

Maintenance is a big part of the services property management companies offer. They will fix up and repair properties when people move out and before new tenants move in. If something breaks, they will either fix it or find the relevant contractor to make the repairs. You won't get those late-night phone calls about overflowing toilets or lock-outs anymore; your property manager will.

Maintaining the Landscaping

Most property management companies also maintain the exteriors of properties. They'll mow the lawn, weed the garden beds, and clear snow in the winter. If they do not do this directly, they will hire a landscaping company to do it. This saves a lot of time and also ensures your properties maintain their curb appeal.

As a private landlord, it is to your benefit to hire a property management company. Yes, you will have to pay for their services, but those services go a long way toward simplifying your life and ensuring everyone is cared for.

To learn more, contact a local apartment property management service.