Advantages of One-Bedroom Apartments Compared to On-Campus Student Housing

Colleges sometimes require incoming students to live on campus for their first year of college. However, after their freshman year, some students may consider off-campus housing, such as one-bedroom apartments. Here are some of the advantages of one-bedroom apartments when compared to on-campus student housing.

Larger Living Spaces

Dormitory rooms tend to be quite small. However, one-bedroom apartments typically include much larger living spaces. Instead of a studio-style bedroom with a small seating area and a kitchenette, a one-bedroom apartment is likely to have a bedroom that is fully separated from the living room area. Additionally, a full kitchen is often included so the tenant can cook full meals.

Also, students can separate the area where they sleep from their study area. They also can enjoy additional storage and the ability to house more of their favorite furniture and belongings.

No Visitor Restrictions

Dormitories sometimes restrict the times when friends and family members can visit. Additionally, they may moderate who can visit. The spaces may include dormitory leaders who enforce visitation rules.

After moving into their own apartment, a student can invite anyone that they choose to spend time in their living space. There are rarely any time restrictions associated with apartment visitation. The visitors and hours of visitation are generally at the discretion of the tenant.

Personal Restrooms

In student housing, residents often share communal restrooms. Thus, a student may have to leave their dorm room to use the restroom or shower. Additionally, they may have to take turns using the spaces. Students who are accustomed to their separate restroom may feel uncomfortable being exposed to the germs of others.

In a one-bedroom apartment, the student is likely to have a restroom that they are responsible for cleaning. Additionally, the restroom is only shared with the approved guests of the tenant.

Roommate Selection

In student housing, the school typically selects the roommate of a student resident. The student may be asked certain questions about their preferences, but the final selection of the student's dormitory roommate is left up to the institution.

If a student decides to share a one-bedroom apartment with a roommate, they select the individual. They are not required to choose a certain person. The selection of a roommate can be advantageous in reducing living expenses.

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