Purchasing a Newly Built Home? Why You Still Need a Real Estate Agent

Are you planning to buy a new home that is not being sold by a previous owner? If so, you may be wondering if you can make this transaction without the help of a real estate agent. Here are some reasons why you can still benefit from using a real estate agent.

Home Builders Will Be More Likely to Respond to Problems

You should understand how a home builder will look at you as a buyer with a real estate agent and a buyer not working with one. When you go it alone, you essentially have nobody that is going to fight on your behalf when there is a problem with construction. When this happens, a home builder is not going to be as likely to be responsive when it comes to addressing a problem because it is just you. The possibility of you having a negative experience that actually impacts the home builder is low since people infrequently have homes built from scratch.

Meanwhile, a buyer with an agent is going to have a home builder that is more responsive. A lot of business comes from real estate agents that bring buyers to home builders, and the home builder's business is more likely to be impacted if a realtor has a negative experience with their buyer. That's because it could result in a drop in business as that realtor fails to recommend the specific home builder in the future. Overall, you may find home builders more responsive to dealing with problems when you work with an agent. 

Real Estate Agents Can Review Contracts

Building a newly built home is different from buying an existing home when it comes to the contracts that you sign. With new home construction, you sign a contract agreeing to the specifications of what will be done when building the home, and then you are locked into that contract for the entire construction process. This is a situation where you want someone with experience reviewing your contracts to make sure that you are covered for future situations where you may have a contract dispute. Your real estate agent will go over that contract closely, make suggestions for things that need to be changed, and give their seal of approval before you sign anything.

Looking for more reasons to work with a realtor when buying a newly built home? Meet with a real estate agent in your area for more information.