Questions To Ask When Reading A Commercial Property Description

When you are trying to narrow down the list of commercial real estate properties to invest in, you will want to look at the description to determine if it is the right property to purchase. There are several aspects of the property description that you should focus on.

How Professional Is the Description?

Check the basics of the description, such as the grammar and spelling. This can reflect how professional the commercial real estate property owners are. Do they provide you with several ways to contact them? Will it be easy to contact them, or will you have to call at certain hours?

Does the Description Tell a Story?

A great property description will tell a story. It will try to evoke emotions about the property. This will show that the company selling the property is more professional and will also give you a sense of the history of those who have operated it in the past. Knowing the history of your commercial real estate can give your firm more of a sense of prestige. The property will become a part of how you present yourself. 

What Amenities Are Available?

Look at the key features found in the commercial property for sale. For example, find out which amenities are listed by the property, and consider whether they are selling points for your company. For example, if the property is near buses or train stations, this can be a good reason to choose the property. Find out what types of capital improvements have been made recently. 

What Are the Demographics?

One of the advantages of the property description is that it will provide you with demographic information. This can help you better determine if a particular piece of commercial real estate is right for your business. You'll also want to find out what other companies are tenants in your building and how much success they have had there. 

What Are the Unique Selling Points?

Find out if there are any unique selling points that a particular property has. For example, are the zoning regulations beneficial to your business? Will you benefit from any tax credits? Is the commercial property in a new development? Is it in a high-traffic or low-traffic area?

How Much Traffic Will You Get?

The amount of traffic your business receives is important. If you are relying on walk-ins to drive business, you'll need a high-traffic area. However, there are other cases where a high-traffic area can be too noisy for your customers.