Amenities You Should Look For In Your Senior Neighborhood

Senior apartments often tout the amenities within the community itself, but there are also some things you should look for in the surrounding neighborhood. As a senior, you may prize your independence: whether you're going to be able to get around and about often depends more on the neighborhood than the apartment.

Bus Lines and Other Public Transit

Being able to get reliable transportation is something that's very important for those who are still active. Apart from looking at the bus lines, inquire whether there are any senior vans that go directly to the complex. Many do: they take seniors from apartment complexes to specific areas, such as nearby grocery stores, malls, and parks.

Parks, Lakes, and Beaches

If you love the outdoors, it's likely that you enjoy walking or hiking around public parks and other community green spaces. Not only is there a direct benefit to having these types of amenities, but it also means that the areas around your apartment are more likely to be safer. Safer communities tend to invest more in their public parks.

Libraries and Community Centers

Libraries, churches, and community centers all provide major social events. If you love reading, going to new classes, and experiencing new things, you may want to make sure that there are some of these centers nearby and accessible. Don't forget that they do need to be accessible: if they aren't right on the bus line, it could be a challenge.

Grocery Stores and Farmer's Markets

While many senior apartments have grocery delivery services, being able to go to the grocery store or farmer's market on your own gives you a lot more flexibility. After all, you may go to make dinner just to find that you're missing a single ingredient. Rather than having to rely on others, you can do it yourself. 

Hospitals and Clinics

Naturally, you usually want to have your senior apartments closer to a hospital, clinic, or urgent care center. Often, if something does happen (such as a slip or a fall), your prognosis is going to be directly related to how quickly you can get to a doctor. Don't take a risk with your health: make sure that a clinic is available.

Of course, the amenities of the apartment are important too. Many senior apartments have social centers, community gatherings, and regular scheduled events: all perfect for engaging and keeping active. A real estate agent can help you learn more about your options.