Linens To Replace When You’re Listing Your House For Sale

Prior to trying to sell a home, many homeowners seek to replace a long list of things around the house. A new set of appliances, new flooring, and even new coats of paint can all give your residence a fresh and inviting look, which may play a role in helping it to sell quickly and for a high percentage of your asking price. There are things beyond the above, however, that you should think about replacing — this is especially true if what you currently own appears dirty, worn out, or otherwise might not seem very appealing for those browsing your online real estate listing and especially those who attend open houses or schedule showings of your home. Linens, in particular, are things that you might overlook but that replacing can be a good idea. Here are some linens to replace.

Kitchen Linens

You might not give much consideration to your hand towels, dish towels, and other linens in your kitchen when you're taking care of the bigger tasks involved with listing your house for sale. However, what currently exists might be a bit of an eyesore. For example, hand towels may appear dirty, while dish towels could be stained, have holes in them, and even smell off-putting. It won't cost you much to replace each of these linens with products that suit the look of your kitchen and give the space a tidy, cared-for appearance.

Bedroom Linens

For many people, bedroom linens can be familiar looking and cozy — but not necessarily appealing to others. If you've used the same set of bedroom linens for a long time, there's a high probability that they don't look in tip-top shape, and this may detract from the look of your home's bedrooms. For example, a pillowcase could have some sweat stains on it, while a comforter could be faded from the sun or contain small pills of fabric. It's a smart investment to spend a bit of money and replace these linens to give your home's bedrooms a fresh appearance.

Living Room Pillows

The pillows on the couches in your living room and elsewhere in your home are another type of linen that you might not think to replace. These, too, can be an eyesore when they're old. The stuffing in some pillows can get mashed down to the point that the pillow doesn't hold its shape, while some pillows may even be stained if you eat on the couch frequently. A couple new sets of throw pillows from your local home furnishings store can go a long way toward improving the look of your home.