Challenges Of Selling A House By Owner

Selling a house can take time and can be done in several ways, and one way you can sell a house is by listing it for sale by owner. This means you will not use a real estate agency to help you sell your house, and most people do this simply to avoid paying a commission on the sale. While some people can successfully sell a house themselves, most people use a real estate agency so they can avoid the following challenges that commonly occur when trying to sell a house by owner.


The number one issue people have with selling homes themselves is advertising. Without the proper advertising, you will have trouble finding a buyer. In real estate, the prices of homes are higher when the demand is higher. If you have very few people looking at your house, the demand will drop. This means that the price may also drop, and you may end up having to settle for a much lower price than you had hoped for just to sell your house.

You must be the salesman

The second thing you should be aware of is that selling your house by owner makes you a salesman. You will be the one receiving phone calls about your house. People will be asking you questions about your house. You will have to set up showings of the house. You will have no one there to ask questions to if you do not know the answers to the questions potential buyers ask you.

You will also be responsible for helping the buyer write a purchase offer on the house and working through all the negotiations of the deal. These are all hard steps to handle yourself, especially if you have never done any of these things before.

Selling a house requires a lot of steps

Finally, you will have to know what all the steps are in the process of selling a house. You will need to know about all the inspections and reports that are needed for the sale, and you might be responsible for paying some of these. You may also have to call a title company yourself to get the title work started, and there will be many other steps you may have to complete on your own to make the deal go through.

If you would rather pay someone to do all this for you, hiring a real estate agent is the way to go. To learn more about this, contact a real estate agency today.