Four Apartment Features And Amenities That Are Must-Haves For Cat Owners

Finding an apartment that allows cats is one thing. Finding one that is actually set up to make life easy and enjoyable for both you and your furry friend is quite another. Once you find a landlord that allows cats, your next step should be to analyze the apartment and make sure it has the amenities and features your kitty needs. Here are four big things to look for.

Somewhere to hide the litter box.

Some apartments consist of plain, square rooms without any real nooks and crannies. In apartments like this, your only real option is to leave the litter box out in the open. While your cat may not mind this, you're likely to get annoyed by the constant presence of a litter box when you have friends over or want to keep things tidy. So, look for an apartment with a nook for the litter box. Maybe this is an alcove under a stairway, an extra closet where you can leave the door cracked, or a little space behind a half wall in the bathroom.

Smooth floors in at least one area.

Most places have smooth floors at least in the kitchen – but there are carpeted kitchens out there! Make sure there's a smooth floor somewhere you won't mind keeping your cat's food. Otherwise, you'll be vacuuming dry food out of the carpet and scrubbing wet food stains out of the carpet all too often.

Doors without self-closing mechanisms.

Self-closing mechanisms on front doors may be handy in some cases – but not when you have cats. Self-closing doors tend to take a few seconds to close, and that's enough time for your kitty to sneak out if they're wanting to explore the outdoors. Look for an apartment without a self-closing front door so you can slip in and shut the door quickly before the cat gets out.

A room you can shut.

There are going to be times you need to lock your cat up somewhere. When you're moving in is one example. When the front door is propped up and people are carrying furniture in, your cat needs to be locked in another room. Open floor plans are popular these days, but unless there's at least one room with a solid door, they're not a great choice for cat owners.

Living with a cat will be easier and more enjoyable in an apartment that has the features to support you. For help finding an apartment that will meet your needs, contact a property management company such as ABA Rental Properties Inc.