Less-Common Ways To Boost The Value Of Your Home Before Listing It

When you're interested in listing your home for sale, hiring a real estate agent to work on your behalf can expose you to more clients and, in many cases, get you more money in the sale. Another way to get more money is to tackle some renovations and other projects around the home that can make it more enticing to the prospective buyers who visit during open houses. It's common knowledge that upgrading the kitchen and bathroom can pay off, but there are a number of lesser-known projects that can help you get a greater percentage of your asking price. Here are some ideas.

Upgrade The Simple Things

When a prospective buyer walks through your home, he or she is constantly taking note of the outdated fixtures and other items that will need to be changed. In each buyer's mind, the necessity of these jobs can lead to a lower price offer for your home. But with minimal effort, you can upgrade a variety of things around your home, including doorknobs, door hinges, wall outlet cover plates and thermostats. For example, instead of a standard set of brass doorknobs and hinges, install something a little more contemporary. Instead of a manual thermostat, upgrade to a digital one. These changes won't cost you much money or time and can improve the look of the home.

Change Ultra-Modern Fixtures

You might favor a modern design style, but not every prospective home buyer will share the same opinion. Just as outdated fixtures can discourage buyers, features that are ultra modern can also be a turnoff. For example, if you have a hanging light that you love but that won't likely be most buyers' cup of tea, simply change it to something a little more conventional. Doing so is doubly beneficial because, in addition to making the home look better for buyers, you'll be able to pack these items to take to your next home.

Opt For Neutral Painted Areas

Brightly painted walls, for example in a game room or a teenager's bedroom, can be ideal when you're living in the home, but not when it's time to sell. If you have a room painted in a color that is likely to discourage a prospective buyer, invest in a can of neutral-colored paint and redo the room. Doing so will almost certainly be more pleasing to the buyer visiting your home and could be a factor in helping the sale proceed.

For more information and tips, talk with a real estate agent.