Landscaping To Impress Potential Buyers

Homeowners preparing to sell their house this spring have a lot to think about--not the least of which is landscape installation. Landscaping plays a huge role in the sale of a house, because the landscaping is among the very first things that potential home buyers see when they arrive at a house. To effectively make a good first impression, the landscaping must be lush and healthy, weed-free and well-maintained. These tips will help you as you prepare your upcoming landscape installation. 

Remove Dead and Dying Plants

The first step in your landscaping installation will be to remove anything unhealthy or unsightly. Dying or dead trees should be professionally removed and the area around the stump should be replanted if there is an area around the tree where grass did not grow. Spindly shrubs may be saved if they can be cut back to encourage new growth in the early spring, but don't waste a lot of time trying to save old plants. 

Water, Trim and Maintain the Grass

Buyers who see a meticulously cared-for lawn are likely to draw positive conclusions about the methods you've used to maintain the rest of the house. This means your grass should be blindingly green, well-watered and weed-free. Broken sprinkler heads can lead to patches of dead and dry grass that don't get water regularly, so make all necessary sprinkler repairs before the start of the growing season. Keep the lawn exquisitely edged and the cracks in the pathways free of weeds. 

Draw Attention to the House and the Front Door

Plant well-trimmed shrubs and a colorful flower bed near the front entrance to draw attention to the front door and make your home look more inviting. Line the house with a variety of shrubs and flowers in many colors to keep potential homeowners looking at the front of your home. While you're at it, clean the front of your house with a power sprayer to ensure that homebuyers examining your flower beds will see a clean house in the background.  

Install Tall Shrubs to Hide Unsightly Areas

Use tall shrubs to hide unsightly areas around your house, like the ugly shed on your neighbor's property, or the place where you keep your garbage cans. Plant the shrubs with little space between them and trim them so that the leaves grow together, forming a total barrier.

Keep It Simple

Not all potential buyers feel comfortable gardening, and those that do may not have the time to devote to a high-maintenance lawn during the first year in a new home. Exotic plants may only serve to intimidate buyers. Make an effort to install plants and shrubs that are commonly recognized and easy to maintain. 

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