Do You Really Need A New Lock? Understanding Your Options

If you own your own business or home, at some point you will likely discover that you need to have a lock change performed. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you will only need a lock change if a security issue arises. You also need to realize that a new lock is not always needed.

Instead of changing to a new lock, you could benefit from making changes to your existing lock. These modifications to existing locks are referred to as a rekeying in the locksmith industry, and the process has unique benefits that are passed on to property owners. 


One reason that many property owners decide to go with a rekey service rather than getting new locks is because the service is often cheaper than lock replacements. The lower cost can be attributed to the fact that new parts are rarely needed during a rekey service. The locksmiths simply modify the existing locks' inner components so that the locks require new keys to work. 


If you have several doors on your property, you may find it cumbersome dealing with numerous keys. This is most commonly a problem for owners of rental properties. Rekeying all of the locks can allow you to use one key to access all locks, and this is one reason why homeowners also enjoy the simplicity that a rekey service offers. Imagine having one key for your front, back and side door.


Perhaps you are concerned about the safety of tenants if you are a rental owner. It is possible to have your locksmith perform a rekey for all of the locks with a master key that will allow you, staff and service workers to gain entry.

However, the individual keys you give to tenants do not have to be master keys. In fact this is discouraged. Their individual keys should ideally only fit the locks of the units they are renting.

Protection and Best Practices

If you opt for a master key solution, it is a good idea to request a rekey for a new master key every few years. This is because there will likely be people who service your properties who are not actual employees, and you never know if someone may attempt to make a key. Inquire with your locksmith about having your master keys imprinted with "Do Not Copy." 

Final Considerations

You may encounter certain situations where a rekey is not the ideal solution for your lock needs. Your locksmith may determine that your lock is damaged or defective and needs to be replaced. It is also possible that an inspection of the lock will reveal that it is not providing adequate security. In this case, a lock change will be necessary.