Why Using Organic Carpet Cleaners Is Better For You

For many years, people often overlooked the harmful effects of the toxic cleaners they used around their home. However, as more information about these cleaners has surfaced, many people have taken on a new level of awareness. When it comes to cleaning your carpet, it doesn't matter if you're cleaning your carpets on your own or having a professional perform the service for you, using organic carpet cleaning products is a smart choice.

The Harm of Non-Organic Cleaners

There is a somewhat common misconception that the danger of non-organic cleaners will be limited to the floor. Non-organic cleaners include a number of different ingredients, including acids, pesticides and formaldehyde. For pets and small children that travel on the carpet frequently, these ingredients can be irritating to the skin.

However, some ingredients, such as formaldehyde, have the potential to travel through the air. This can aggravate conditions like allergies and chronic respiratory problems. Instead of your home being a relaxed environment, these ingredients will create an uncomfortable atmosphere for people who suffer from these conditions.

Choosing Products

It's helpful to know what to look for. Some cleaners might say "better for the environment" or "safe"; however, this doesn't exactly mean they are organic formulas. Products that make these claims might in-fact be better for the environment than some other options, but not best for the environment.

It will require that you read the labels to find the right solution. An organic formula should clearly state that it is both nontoxic and biodegradable. If you really want to make it easier, simply have your carpet cleaned by a professional like one from Home & Commercial Cleaning Service that only uses organic cleaners, so you don't have to go on a hunt yourself.

Benefits of Organic Carpet Cleaners

In addition to keeping you and your loved ones safer, using organic carpet cleaners can yield a number of additional benefits. One of these benefits is a reduced risk for mold growth. Compared to traditional, toxic cleaners, organic carpet cleaners have a smaller risk of causing mold growth within your flooring.

The risk of a mold spore sprouting and flourishing is increased whenever moisture is present. While traditional cleaners are wet, organic cleaners are dry, making them safer. This isn't just better for your health, but it also helps protect your home's structure.

If you're unfamiliar with the different organic carpet cleaners available, a professional cleaning service can help you. Not only can these professionals help you with product selection, but they can clean your carpets for you, keeping your home clean and family safe at the same time.