Security Tips When Preparing A Rental Property For New Tenants

Keeping a rental property secure is one of the most important things that a landlord or property manager can do when preparing a unit for a new tenant. Not only will this kind of work ensure that the property can rent for a high price, it will also help protect the tenants from any potential break-ins.

Replace Any Door Locks

After the former tenant has moved out of an apartment or rental home, it's your responsibility as the landlord or property manager to replace all the locks. This is due to the chance that the former tenant may not have provided all their copies of keys upon moving out. With new locks put in, you can be sure that the only people that have access to the property are you and the new tenants.

Add Extra Locks and Security Features

An appealing part of any home is security is to install a few new locks on entry doors. Motion sensor lights are an especially good feature to consider since they're set to turn on when they detect any movement outside. This can help deter burglars and give the tenants a sense of security.

Make Sure the Windows Are Secure

Older windows can be a target for break-ins, so it's recommended that you consider the age of the windows in your home and their condition. The frames and seals of your windows could make them a target for potential burglars, so you'll want to make sure that they're not in poor shape. In the event that your windows look like they can easily be pried open, you'll want to get them replaced.

Replacing the windows will provide extra security and can even increase the energy-efficiency of the property, making their installation beneficial in numerous ways.

Provide the Tenant with Emergency Contact Info

The easiest way to give your new renters peace of mind when moving in is getting all the contact information necessary to reach you or the security company protects the property. By providing a list of names and phone numbers, your tenants will know who to contact if they experience any trouble.

Reaching out to a local locksmith, like High Security Locksmith, for assistance with replacing locks is essential since their expertise will allow them to make all the changes necessary for your property. An experienced locksmith will be able to do the job quickly and give you the peace of mind that the property is safe and secure.